Symptoms Most People Related with IBS and Back Pain

By: Researcher Taymur Often people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) experience symptoms that seem to be unrelated to IBS. One frequently mentioned and apparently unrelated symptom, particularly during the night, is lower back pain. This may be incidental pain, or it may be “referred pain.” Referred pain is felt somewhere other than where it comes […]

We Call Ourselves Sufferers Warrior and Spoonies due to Fibromyalgia@2x

We Call Ourselves Sufferers, Warrior and Spoonies due to Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alex Robber 1st is Fibro Sufferers Whenever I write on the pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia, this title is simple to throw because it’s clear that a lot of individuals with this disease actually suffer. All human beings suffer at some stage in their lives, mentally, physically, or emotionally, but Fibro people are […]

Why Fibromyalgia Life is Full of Creepy Doubts_2@2x

Why Fibromyalgia Life is Full of Creepy Doubts

By: Dr Alex Robber Self-dubbing is one thing which continually surprises me about fibromyalgia. We have all heard of fibromyalgia-patients who deal with health workers who don’t think their pain is true or who are unbelievable about their diagnoses from friends and family. But I never expected to fight doubts in my own mind continuously. […]

How Does the Fibromyalgia Affect Visceral Pain Severe_2@2x

How Does the Fibromyalgia Affect Visceral Pain Severe?

By: Dr Alex Robber If somebody understands anything about fibromyalgia, it’s pain. After all, anyone with chronic and atrocious pain caused by fibromyalgia soon discovers that his or her life is all about it. Understanding Different Pains Doctors spend a lot of time attempting to assist painful individuals. And over the years they have created […]