Check These 9 Possible Causes of Dizziness and Fatigue

By: Researcher Taymur Understanding Dizziness and Fatigue Dizziness is a word describing the sensation of spinning while off-balance. You can use these more specific terms to explain to your doctor exactly how you feel: Imbalance is when you feel shaky Lightheaded means you feel tired and woozy Vertigo is a feeling of spinning when you […]

What’s the Causing of My Fatigue and Nausea is Full of List?

By: Researcher Taymur Understanding Fatigue and Nausea Fatigue is a condition that is a combined feeling of sleepiness and energy drainage. It can range from chronic to acute. Fatigue can be a long-term occurrence for some people, affecting their ability to perform daily activities. Nausea occurs when you feel uncomfortable or queasy in your stomach. […]

New Research Brings New Hope to Diagnostic Testing of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By: Researcher Taymur Chronic syndrome of fatigue can be a disconcerting disease. It presents a constellation of vague symptoms to people with the condition, but there is no easy or fast way to diagnose it. For decades, the condition has been mystifying medical experts. But new research gives them hope that they will finally understand […]

Strong Evidence Found that the Syndrome of Chronic Fatigue is a Physical Condition

By: Researcher Taymur Understanding CFS Physical Condition New research suggests that in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, because a specific biomarker of inflammation is present for years. So people with chronic fatigue syndrome frequently find it difficult to understand how they feel exhausted and painful. Because most people suffering from the disorder have had their […]

My 11 Lessons Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from My Aunt

By: Researcher Taymur Just imagine that. You’re happy about life. You’re sharing your life with your dream man. You have a couple of kids, a job that most of the time you enjoy, and hobbies and friends to keep you busy. Instead, the mother-in-law is moving in one day. You don’t know why. You haven’t […]

7 Coping Strategies That Helped Me in My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By: Researcher Taymur My husband and I call “The Dark Years” from 2002 to 2008. I went from a high-energy go-getter virtually overnight to being mostly bedridden, with debilitating aches, increasing tiredness, vertigo, and recurrent bronchitis. Doctors gave me different diagnoses, but the most reliable seemed to be chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or “an unexplained […]

For Chronic Fatigue Reduction Use These Hack 10 Diet Tips

By: Researcher Taymur Chronic tiredness is far from the tiredness of “I need another cup of coffee.” It’s a deteriorating disease that can affect your whole life. No big research on the impact of diet on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have been performed to date. Nonetheless, Jose Montoya, MD, a medicine professor and Stanford’s Chronic […]

CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is Never Let You Be Happy

By: Researcher Taymur Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder characterized by extreme fatigue and exhaustion that cannot be explained by an underlying medical condition. CFS also be called myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or systemic intolerance exertion disease (SEID). CFS causes have not yet been fully understood. Viral infection, psychological stress, or […]