Reporting on Alzheimer Disease Test

Reporting on Alzheimer’s Disease Tests

By: Researcher Taymur Understanding Testing for Alzheimer’s It is not an exact science to determine whether somebody is suffering from Alzheimer’s (AD). A number of tests can help ensure that the diagnosis is accurate. Including: 1st is brain imaging 2nd is genetic testing 3rd is neuropsychological testing The tests can also help to eliminate other […]

Alzheimer Symptoms is Going to Reduce by 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise@2x

Alzheimer’s Symptoms is Going to Reduce by 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise

By: Researcher Taymur New studies add new evidence that regular exercise can decrease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. However one study reported that people older than 60 have less biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s, who do exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes five days a week. Because a second study found that persons with a high […]

Understanding Alzheimer Disease Life Expectancy in Long-term Prospects_1@2x

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease Life Expectancy in Long-term Prospects

By: Researcher Taymur Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s illness is a brain disorder that is degenerative. The disease breaks down and kills brain cells and neurons that bind brain cells. This harm leads memory, behavior and mental abilities to decrease. However the trip with AD is distinct for every person. Because some people experience the disease […]