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Acute Stress Disorder is the Wildest Form of Stress

Acute Stress Disorder is the Wildest Form of Stress

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Acute Stress Disorder

Therefore you can develop an anxiety disorder called Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) within weeks after a traumatic event. Because typically, ASD occurs a traumatic event within one month. So it lasts for at least 3 days and can last up to 1 month. However people with ASD are similarly affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Understanding Acute Stress Disorder Causes

Therefore ASD may be induced when one or more traumatic events are endured, observed or approached. Because the incidents generate intense fear, panic and impotence. So ASD can cause traumatic events including:

  • 1st is fear of death
  • 2nd is threat of death to oneself or others
  • 3rd is threat of serious injury to oneself or others
  • 4th is fear to the physical integrity of oneself or others

However according to the US, about 6 to 33% of people living with a traumatic event develop ASD. Because research of Veterans Affairs Department. Therefore the rate depends on the nature of the trauma.

Understanding Acute Stress Disorder Risks

However following a traumatic event, anyone can develop ASD. Because if you have encountered, witnessed or had a traumatic event in the past, you may have an elevated risk for developing ASD

  • Having a history of ASD or PTSD
  • Facing a certain type of mental problems
  • Cause of dissociative signs during traumatic events

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Understanding Acute Stress Disorder Symptoms

The symptoms of ASD include:

  • Dissociative
  • Emotionally unresponsive
  • Derealization
  • Depersonalization
  • Dissociative amnesia
  • Reexperiencing the traumatic event
  • Avoidance Issues
  • Anxiety or increased arousal
  • Distress Issues
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Understanding Acute Stress Disorder Diagnosis

However your primary physician or psychiatrist diagnoses ASD by asking you questions about the trauma and your symptoms. Because other reasons like: It is also important to exclude

  • 1st is medication abuse
  • 2nd is medications side effects
  • 3rd is many health problems
  • 4th is other psychiatric disorders

Understanding Acute Stress Disorder Treatment

Any or more approaches for treating ASD may be used by your doctor:

  • However psychological evaluation in order to identify the particular needs
  • So inpatient treatment, if you’re vulnerable to depression or damage others
  • Because assistance with sheltering, food, clothes and family place, if necessary psychiatric instruction
  • Therefore cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which could improve the healing rate and stop ASD from becoming PTSD.
  • Because exposure-based therapies
  • Therefore hypnotherapy



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