I Am Not Too Busy to Watch You, I Can't Just Fool You, I Don't Have a Hard Time.
Chronic Awareness

I Am Not Too Busy to Watch You, I Can’t Just Fool You, I Don’t Have a Hard Time.

By: Dr Alex Robber

That will be 7:30 p.m. I’ll be in bed on a Friday night. So, I’m next to my husband and pets. There is nothing new here, and frankly, most of our friends do the same thing, but I wouldn’t really understand.

It wasn’t the diagnosis or the pain that led me to avoid parties inviting my wives and happy-hour texts. When I started to drift so far, I don’t really remember, but I’ve realized lately that I miss my friends. My brothers and sisters. And my brothers. And my ex-friends. I miss speaking to individuals. I miss speaking to individuals. I miss my girlfriends really laughing loudly. My husband is even beautiful and surprising when he’s at a crowd I miss.

However, I wonder what my friends and relatives believe, which we seldom see anymore. I suppose they believe that my spouse and I are still in the lunches, that our children maintain us busy, or they may not think about it twice. However, I bet for a second, they haven’t believed I’ve missed almost every chance of seeing them in the past couple of years.

Therefore if I have done that for dinner, or for dinner, I was likely a nervous wreck. I had even considered canceling the day before, or just did not show up, I have delayed or used my typical “maybe,” or “maybe,” replies they have all found out are the same as an “no.”

In fact, I’m no longer a nice faker. I just hurt. I hurt. I hurt recently more often than not. Everything hurts. Everything. I have decided to let everyone I love to think I am really busy and head over heels in love, and they’re the ones who aren’t in line with my timetable anymore, because I’m not so excited to sound good these days. And that’s absolutely not true… so far from real.

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I feel stuck, and until now I have never been happy to admit. I don’t want to pretend I’m okay any longer. But I don’t want to grumble or care, or sorry, or pity, about individuals. When someone asks how I felt, I don’t want to overcome the discussion because I could speak all night. However, uh, sometimes I really want to talk.

So, Honestly, I’ve always been the person organizing the get-togethers in my many circles, ensuring the girls drink free from the bars and throwing the best Christmas parties ever to my nieces and nephews!

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And it sucks that individual could no longer be. It sucks that it doesn’t have the power to eat, let alone to host one. So, I don’t feel like my ancient self if I’m honest. And I guess I’m a little scared that my friends and families can no longer enjoy my company, so I can’t be as funny or as good in talk as they once expected. If I even do it, I’m certainly not going to shut the bar down. However, I suppose I ought to say that to them. Because I knew as I write that I would like to learn, if I were them.

So, it’s going to go here. I’m missing you all. And for the excuses, and i’m sorry. So I have hidden from you, not even lied to you, when I required you the most. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry. And I need you if I will ever discover myself. So I’ll be frank from now on and tell you when I don’t want a bra to leave the house. I’ll be honest. And, maybe instead of canceling or postponing, you can just stop by. Therefore I would like to see you. I would love to see you. I’d enjoy that very much.

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